Our Focus

We put much focus on science subjects/courses that include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and  Biology that remain a big challenge to most learners at lower and higher levels of education. We make learning easily accessible anywhere using the new technological advancements.

Our Procedure

Learners have to have an account on the platform www.nextmindsacademy.com by signing up or registering.

After signing up learners can access some free notes, some free topic questions, some eBooks.

We also have a premium account for learners to access all full resources for any subject which includes live zoom lessons,  full notes, full topic questions, recorded video lessons and one-on-one support from a tutor and general Classes conducted on Zoom. The premium subscription fee $20 and $30 respectively for those want to read and access reading material and those who want to have online classes on a monthly basis.

Access Academic Resources

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